Here is a little insight into the process of how MWC works our magic. Starting from the prep work through the application process, this will give you an idea of how everything falls into place for the highest quality epoxy floor coating systems available.

The most important part of any job is the prep. No matter what size, how old, new or used; the job must get prepped by our machines. We have some of the best prep equipment money can buy.

- BW SB 1200 shot blaster: This machine is a serious piece of equipment. Its diesel powered ride on shot blaster will turn a concrete floor into rough sand paper in seconds. This machine gets the bond we need to make your system last forever. Prepping at a rate of approximately 4000 square foot an hour, it is the real deal when it comes to shot blasting. Another upside to this unit is that it is only 36" wide, so we can fit this machine into a lot of areas most shot blasters can not go.

- SB 6 shot blaster: This machine is the smallest shot blaster BW makes. It is electric 110v powered by a hand grinder in the body that cuts with a 6" pass. This machine is perfect for shot blasting smaller rooms, edges, and areas where profile is critical and our large machine cannot reach the area.

- Kut Rite 20" Conqueror Diamond Grinder: This surface grinder can turn rough concrete into GLASS. Being single phase, 208 volts, it does not lack any power. This unit has three planetary wheels that do not leave cup marks or grooves in your surface like other grinders out there. Its design is the best on the market. We can use this machine to do glue removal from all kinds of mastics, carpet, thin set, etc. It will scratch and recoat an area that does not need the epoxy fully removed. We can polish concrete with it as well as put 25/30 grit diamonds on it while profiling the surface so it iss able to be prepped for coating. We also own a set of PCD cutters for this machine that can remove any old epoxy coating in just a few seconds per square foot.

- Kut-Rite 7" Edge cutter: This machine is perfect for making the edges receive the proper bond they need also. There is no such area that is left out. Everything gets cut dry by MWC. This machine keeps our crew off of their hands and knees longer, allowing them to remain more useful to your A+ job we are delivering.

- Kut-Rite 20" 110 volt Grind-N-Go: This newly designed machine from our vendor Kut-Rite is the nicest 110v machine on the market. The design of our large 208v machine was put right into this new grinder. Its surface cutting is just like our larger grinder leaving zero cup marks or deep scratches that could be visible later. We like to use this piece of equipment on areas that we cannot hook our larger 20" machine to or in rooms that only get foot traffic. This gives foot traffic more than enough surface prep to allow the proper bond MWC likes to see.

- Blastrac Vacuum systems are DUST FREE: Every machine we run has a dual motor commercial vacuum running with it as we cut or blast. Dust free preparation is what our prep team likes to see. We own 5 of these Vacuum systems. We try our very best not to leave your building with any dust or debris left behind. All of our work areas get cleaned up and left just the way we found them with the addition to a beautiful floor for you to enjoy forever! Trash and material cans are bagged and thrown away in a site dumpster or removed completely.

Polymer Systems
- Seamless Crack repair: Once your area has received all the proper preparation and extraction of dust, debris, and contaminations it should get; we then move into filling all of your saw cuts, hair line cracks and voids with our seamless crack repair. This portion of the job is something MWC takes a lot of pride in. We have developed a way to leave your area looking like GLASS everywhere we go. By troweling in a flexible joint filler; your saw cuts go away, your pot marks become flush, and your hair line cracks are gone. This process is not something you see done when trying to save money or doing it on your own. But it is included in all our packages, unless it is talked about prior to bidding your work.

- Prime Coats: MWC would always like to suggest a prime coat to your area. It is always a good idea to put a solvent based epoxy primer on the entire area prior to going right for the high build look of 100% solids. This will give you a better bite to the concrete. This is not a must, but defiantly suggested if the budget allows it.

- Body Coats: The body coat is where your GLASS look comes into play. We use 100% solids by volume epoxy giving the thickest shell that you can have, basically no other material can look better. When installing your body coat we like to put this material down very thick, 100-125 sq ft per gallon is normal. This coat is self leveling and finds its way to perfection with only a guided hand. We apply all coats by squeegee and 18" roller.

- Decorative Chip Floors: Once your body coat is laid out, at this time if you have selected a chip combination, your vinyl color fleck chips are broadcasted to the look sold. Whether it is a random chip pattern or a full granite look you are going for, all of our chip floors look amazing. Chips do a great job of hiding a lot of imperfections in your concrete surface that are not able to be fixed with our patch work and the body coat. This random chip pattern can draw your eye away from the damaged used concrete and make it appear like brand new. The FULL flake systems are done to rejection of chips on the floor and make your area look like granite in design. This is very nice in basements, offices, interior looks and in high end garages.

- Clear UV stable Top Coats: Once your body coat has dried for at least 12-15 hours, we return to put down the finishing touches. A clear UV stable and Chemical resistant Urethane or Top Coat Epoxy is put down over top of the entire area. This step seals in your chips, and protects your surface from any chemicals used as well as road salts and sun light. Its UV protection allows it to stay looking like it did on day one for years to come. This step is very important to the longevity and life expectancy of the system designed for your application. At this time, while installing the clear finish coats, we can add ANTI SKID protection to the surface for no charge. It is important to know your exact intentions for this area. We always suggest at least a light broadcast of anti skid to the area so that it is not like ice when it gets wet. As always with anything new, we suggest you walk cautiously until you get used to it.